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Air Collection Quick Guide

Once the Air collection is part of your facilities COVID-19 testing protocols, SuurAir provides support materials to help you maximize your testing effectively.

SuurAir Brochure

Request our helpful 4-page brochure describing the air collection unit and valuable information on environmental surveillance for COVID-19.

Air Collection Unit Specifications and Sizes
Dimensions14.5″ (H) X 14″ (W) X 13″ (L)
Weight26 lbs.
Unit Collection Holder and MediaSingle-Use Cartridge Containing (2) 1″ Collection Substrates
Safety and Electrical DesignationsTUV-SUD, CE, UKCA, ROHS
Flow Control200 L Per Minute
Operating Temperature5-45 degrees Celsius
Status Indicator3 Color LED
Power Consumption100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz 125 Watts
Dust Interference (PM1,-PM25,-PM10)Minimum Impact (80-1050 μg/m3)
Humidity InterferenceMinimum Impact (Over 10-90% RH)
A typical installation Placement. Monitors approximately 2,000 sq. ft. or 20,000 cu. ft. of air.
Access to the collection cartridge is locked behind the unit door.

The Unit should typically be placed approximately 2-5 ft. off the floor in an open area.

Environmental (Air) Infectious Disease Surveillance