SuurAir by CUUR health
Air Sniffer
SuurAir – Air Surveillance & Testing for COVID-19
1: Consultation
Guidance by our epidemiology experts
2: Air Collection

Sample surrounding air using surveillance testing protocols

3: PCR Testing
PCR is the industries leading sensitivity and specificity
4: Results
Data interpreted by experts and posted to Dashboard
Detect In-air Pathogens

SuurAir –As society looks to return to a normal, pre-pandemic life, factors such as emerging variants, partially vaccinated populations and varying levels of compliance with COVID-19 personal safety protocols continue to pose risks. It’s now more critical than ever for hospitals, nursing homes, employers, schools, and government institutions to have non-intrusive, highly reliable solutions for detecting COVID-19 so safety protocols can be put into action, validated, or strengthened to help protect employees and maintain operational continuity.

SuurAir’s pathogen surveillance solution is an easy to use, cost effective surveillance solution for detecting SARS- CoV-2 presence in the air. SuurAir provides critical, timely information for facilities leadership to take the proper safety precautions and help prevent a potential outbreak while instilling confidence in the people and communities they serve.

SuurAir is designed to deliver data about the presence (or absence) of pathogens in indoor air so one can identify risks and make faster, more reliable, and more confident decisions about the ability to safely re-open a facility and stay open.

Individual PCR testing will continue to be a cornerstone in the COVID-19 pandemic response because it enables and informed clinical diagnostics, patient triage and treatment decisions. Environmental and occupational surveillance with air sampling complements the insight already gained from individual testing, enabling better decision making around the safety of air quality within facilities for communities.  As society returns to pre-pandemic activities, expanded and complementary monitoring of environments will be key in providing useful insights into the presence of the SAR-CoV-2 virus and beyond.

The SuurAir workflow includes consultation with our epidemiologist experts, environmental (Air) testing services, PCR molecular testing of samples, and scientific interpretation of test data by our science team. Results are then posted through a secure online web portal for 24/7 access. The convenient dashboard allows you to easily see results and manage your testing data. You cannot improve what you don’t measure. Whether you experience positive or negative results, you are able to make important decisions within your facilities protocols.

Fight Covid-19
infectious disease
PCR Testing
All PCR Molecular testing is performed by the experts at CUUR Diagnostics. CUUR Diagnostics, a division of CUUR Health, was founded by experienced medical scientists and healthcare professionals and utilizes industry leading laboratory equipment. CUUR Diagnostics laboratories operate under CAP and CLIA quality standards to rapidly deliver high complexity qPCR molecular testing for Infectious Disease identification
Fight Covid-19

Air Testing for COVID-19

 SuurAir offers a complete solution for environmental (Air) monitoring for in-air pathogens such as COVID-19. The SuurAir 4-step process includes:

1: Consultation
2: Collection
3: PCR Testing
4: Results in 24 hrs.*

*97% of results returned within 24 hrs. of receipt.